About Us

We are Rebecca and Matthew Martin, a husband and wife team, who advocate for the little guys. In 2016 we got our first taste of “kitten season” when we rescued a litter of orphaned kittens from a wood pile. The kittens were emaciated and covered in fleas. They were so fragile and weak but with around the clock care they quickly became happy and healthy little fluff balls. We went from kitten novices to kitten savvy. With our newfound knowledge we decided to start Rhode Island Kitten Kits. We want foster homes to have exactly what they need to successfully foster a neonatal kitten. We want foster families to feel confident and supported. We want the public to have access to emergency supply kits if needed. We also believe that showing love and compassion is not only beneficial to the kitten, but even more so for the heart of the person who fosters them.

*Emergency kitten care kits are available 24/7 at Ocean State Veterinary Specialists

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